Cakesmash Shoot – What to expect

Happy boy laughing at cakesmash shoot

Choosing a Cakesmash photoshoot is a great way to mark your child’s first birthday, this session is one you will always remember. Babies are not babies for long and before you know it you have a toddler on your hands, that tiny little face has now changed so much since their newborn days, you now have a little one who sits confidently and maybe even started walking – with brand new little teeth and maybe some hair, a little personality that’s worth capturing.

Now as cakesmash photographers it’s so important that safety is a priority. That’s why we ask you to provide the cake incase of any allergies but other than that we provide the rest.

A cakesmash and splash shoot with us starts with an enquiry, and once we have made that contact with you we are able to send you a little email with a link to our booking site, you can check availability as well as book your session or if your prefer to talk it through with us first then get in touch and we will arrange that for you. Within our cakesmash page on the website you can view some of our cakesmash images – this is so clients can see our style, and choices of themes also our pricing. I want everyone who books with us to be fully aware of pricing and how it works. There is no obligation at this stage to commit to anything, I don’t expect you to know what wall art or prints you want until you have seen your images at the viewing appointment – but it gives you food for thought.

Cakesmash photoshoots are typically 1 hour as babies of this age get tired easily, so we work quite quickly and try and keep them engaged, we start with images of your baby sat within your chosen set, then add the cake (and let the mess commence) then we add the little bath for the splash part of the session. We add the bubble machine at this point and always get great results of cute laughter.

Now that we have agreed on a time and date for the shoot, we send you an online invoice for your Cakesmash shoot, you can pay this via online banking and we will then send you a receipt via email. we will also send you confirmation, a studio contract and a questionnaire – this helps us to plan your shoot, also you can tell us anything we should know prior to the shoot, like is your child shy or has any additional needs for example. We also ask you what theme you have chosen so that we can be prepared in advance.

One week before your shoot, We will check in with you and send you a reminder email, we also give you a courtesy call the day before your shoot incase you have any last minute questions

So on the day of the shoot – You will come to the studio in Leigh, Now we say that cakesmash shoots are 1 hour long. We never rush a shoot and if your baby needs a little time to get settled for example that’s absolutely fine.

After your shoot we make you an appointment for your viewing, its usually 2 weeks after your shoot – you can bring anyone to this appointment so if your baby has super proud grandparents then please bring them along, everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the experience.  We show you your images on a 50″ screen and you get to see the results of your cakesmash and splash session. At the viewing appointment, you view and choose your images and decide on wall art and sizes. We will help, advise and show you your options – We want you to have beautifully printed artwork on your walls for you to enjoy and smile every time you look at it. You pay for your order at the time of ordering and collect it once it has arrived with us. We guarantee you high quality products, We sell what we love, We offer products that we are passionate about and that we are confident with from suppliers who are the best in the business. A cakesmash photoshoot with us is an experience, Our aim and goals are to give you an exceptional service from the initial enquiry right through to collecting your order. We are honoured to see your babies grow overtime as our clients come back time and time again. Hope this has given you some insight but if you have questions please get in touch.

Cathy & Michaela x


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